Etasolar Co., Ltd has been established to research, develop and supply environmentally-friendly alternative energy products with a vision for the enhancement of human dignity and the green earth without pollution. We have made large investments in research & development for unparalleled technologies, and have improved our own technologies by working together with leading alternative energy companies in developed countries. We will exert all possible efforts to have the best technologies in the domestic alternative energy industry and to be ahead of other competitors across the world.
Trade Name
|  Etasolar Co., Ltd
Date of Establishment
|  13/Jan/2004
|  950,000,000 Korean Won
Business Field

|  Photovoltaic Cell, Environmental Equipment,
   Fuel Cell, Electric & Electronic Engineering
  2004.01   Established the company
2004.02   Completed business registration
2004.09   Renamed to Etasolar Co., Ltd