36monocrystalline silicon solar cells (125mm125mm) are connected in series.
  Bypass diode is installed to avoid hot spot effect.
  Optimized module performance with Nominal Voltage 12V DC.
  Cells are laminated between glass and sheet of TPT material using EVA to
     prevent moisture penetrating into the module.
  A waterproof junction box provides flexibility of connection.
  Pre-cabled with fast-connecting systems.
  High transmissive low-iron, tempered glass.

  Operating temperature  From -20 to 60
  Storage temperature  From -20 to 60
  Maximum system voltage  DC 600 V

  Power (Pmax)  80 W
  Power voltage (Vmpp)  17.2 V
  Power current (Impp)  4.65 A
  Open circuit voltage (Voc)  21.6 V
  Short circuit current (Isc)  5.2 A

 This module was designed for grid-connected power plants up to 600V DC.
 Ideal for large stand-alone systems with battery charging.

  Cell  Monocrystalline silicon solar cell
  125mm 125mm
  No. of cells & connections  36ea ( 49 )
  Application  DC 24V system
  Maximum system voltage  DC 600 V
  Dimension of module [mm]  1185 536 35
  Weight  7.9 kg