ETATRACK-active400 ETATRACK-active1000 ETATRACK-active1500

* Active Solar tracking system
  , total module surface up to 4С
, maintenance free
, high reliability and life expectancy
, low power consumption, ca. 1.25kWh per year
, no unnecessary tracking movements
, no failure prone light sensor
, designed to withstand wind speed up to 120 km/h
, cost-efficient tracking system

* Application
  single-axis solar tracking increases the energy return of solar modules, dependent on location, by 25% (e.g. Germany) up to 35% (e.g. central US, Korea, Spain) per year in average, respectively up to 55% during the summer months

* Tracking

, angle East-West: 90→, active
, elevation angle:0→-45→, manually adjustable
, no separate sensors, it uses the modules as sensor
, energy supply of tracking drive: 12 V nominal, max. 200 V (Voc), provided by
  one of the tracked modules
, horizontal position at night
, tracking in steps according to the daily sunshine duration
, one tracking control electronics can operate two frames

* Module Surface and Fixation
  , 4С total module surface (up to 500 Wp, dependent on module type)
, fixation: movable stainless steel clips, length of fixation rails: 2.97m

* Mounting and Foundation
  , mounting pole: length 2m, outer diameter max. 89mm, wall thickness min. 4mm
, surface concrete foundation (approx. 0.7З)